When it comes to defining sexual purity, it could all be so simple. Fornication = having sex outside of marriage; sexual purity = not having sex outside of marriage. But what about when it’s not that simple? What about when you’re at a crossroads because an action is sexual, but it’s technically not sex? Is it right? Is it wrong? Or is it in between?


In a world that encourages sexual freedom and a church that teaches one linear definition of fornication, Impurefect seeks to address the elephant in the bedrooms of many celibate Christians.


With biblical insight and a transparent testimony, Impurefect will help you:

  • Identify practices that compromise your celibacy journey

  • Prioritize a lifestyle that reinforces your Christian beliefs

  • Overcome shame and embarrassment 

  • Establish boundaries in dating and interaction with your significant other


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Impurefect by Gladys Olivia Murray