• Gladys Olivia Murray

Good Things v. God Things

Sometimes God gives us good things, not because they are ours to keep, but to remind us that they are possible to have; it keeps us from settling for less than His best.

Has God ever taken away what you thought was a really good thing? Maybe it was a relationship. Maybe it was an opportunity. Maybe it was the job of your dreams. And when you had it, it was so good that you thought, "Surely, this is the favor of God! I am blessed beyond measure! God just keeps opening doors for me."

But what do you do when God shuts the same door He opened?

What do you say when you boasted about God's provision and He chooses to retract the very thing you testified about? When He subtracts what He added? When He strikes a line through what He wrote?

"Lord, why would you let me have it if you were going to take it away? Why give it to me at all? Why would you let me taste the life I prayed for if You didn't intend to sustain it?"

One day, you had it and you were happy. One day, you didn't have it and you were confused.

You thought you were DONE job hunting.

You thought you were DONE dating.

You thought you were DONE struggling.

And you thought it was finally your turn to have a WIN. The winning job, the winning relationship, and the winning lifestyle. And God let you hold it--but He didn't let you have it. And you cannot understand why, because it was a good thing.

Is God still good when He takes away the good thing?

Do you still have a testimony when He seizes what you testified about?

It's easy to find peace when God removes the toxic things. We get a, "But God!" in our spirit as we bless the Lord for what He blocked. We call it "dodging bullets" or the "best thing we never had". And we preach to everyone around us about how God saved us from a bad situation.

But what about when it wasn't bad?

When it wasn't toxic?

When it wasn't unhealthy or hurtful or dangerous?

What about when it was a good thing?

Good things.

They are practical but not purposeful. They "work". They are logical and compatible. And they feel right, but they aren't right, because even though they are good, they're still not God. And often times we're puzzled by His judgment because, if God is good, why would He take away a good thing??Because we did pray for a good thing, didn't we?

I'm sure you've heard the age old saying, "Everything that's good ain't good for you." Well, I beg to differ. Sometimes it is good for you, but what's good for you is not God's best for you. The truth is--the things that God removes are not always bad things. God will take a good thing and He will even take a great thing if it hinders THE BEST THING from manifesting in your life. And He knows exactly how you feel when He takes those good things away. He knows it stings, He knows it hurts, and He knows that only your tears can communicate how your heart feels. But He also knows that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory that will be revealed in you. And it's okay to feel. You can respect God's authority and grieve at the same time, but don't allow that grief to turn into resentment.

So many of us pray for God to order our steps then despise His sovereignty when He does just that. But if you truly choose God over this world, you need to TRUST God over this world and the happenings thereof. So long as you still have your salvation, everything else can be replaced AND upgraded; this includes people, places, and things. Sometimes God has to relieve your inventory in order to make room for the new thing He wants to do. So stop rehearsing loss and alleged failures in your mind and spirit; there was nothing more you could've said or done for the outcome to be different.

More prayers wouldn't have changed it.

More offering wouldn't have changed it.

More worship wouldn't have changed it.

More fasting wouldn't have changed it.

God loves you and desires to bless you BEYOND what you could ever do for Him. He didn't take the good thing because you weren't righteous enough. It had nothing to do with performance, and everything to do with purpose.

I hear the Lord saying, "You're not being punished, you're being positioned." God is keenly aware of what He wants to do in you, and your destiny can't afford to be compromised by chasing after the contrary. Stop forcing things to be full-course meals when they were only supposed to be appetizers. God gave you a taste and although it was good, the menu gets better! And sometimes God gives us glimpses of goodness to remind us that we deserve better than what we're settling for...so that we'll remember that our mediocre standard of living is NOT all that life has to offer. Sometimes He places AMAZING people and AMAZING opportunities in our lives for a season, just to serve us notice that there's more where that came from. And God will give us good things--not because they're ours to keep, but to remind us that they are possible to have.

Every good thing isn't a God thing, but that's okay! The Lord is perfecting that which concerns you, and as He brings the details of your life into alignment with His will, there are some things that will become outliers. But your best life is on the other side of your submission to His authority.

So I pray that God grants you the resolve to accept what you cannot change. I pray that you're reminded of your worth and settle for no less than the best. I pray that you stop replaying your losses, rehearsing your failures, and resenting your process. I speak healing and restoration over hearts and minds that are downtrodden with disappointment. And I declare that hope will not cease even in your hour of discouragement. And I speak tenacity over your spirit and resilience over your vision. I come against doubt, defeat, and the spirit of fear, and I pray for renewed confidence and a revival of ambition. I pray that you love again, dream again, believe again, and expect again. "And may the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard your heart and mind as you live in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:7)." In Jesus' name, Amen.

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