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June One

June 1st is a day of reflection, assessment, and planning for many. It's the first day of the sixth month, which means we've reached the halfway mark between the start of the year and the end. One might understand this to mean that six months are gone and six months are left. But I believe something a little different: six months are gone, or six months are left. It depends on how you look at it. On January 1st, I had a lot of hope for this year. I didn't necessarily know what was going to occur, but I just had this feeling that it was "my year". I've never been one to say that or claim that, but something felt different this time. So there I was, welling with all of this hope and excitement, without a clue of just how trying the next six months would be. I could go into detail, but some things are still a little painful to talk about. So I'll keep it a little vague in an effort not to conjure up old emotions. But nonetheless, the first six months were nothing like what 2017 was supposed to be. lol If this was "my year", I'm not sure what was supposed to be so special about it. 2017 to date, has been HARD. If nobody else wants to admit it, I will. There have been a lot of growing pains and I've had moments where I wasn't sure if I was willing to endure the pain it took to have the growth. Have there been good days? Of course. There hasn't been constant overcast. But when I pair the bright days with the dark days, they seem to balance each other out, leaving me with a partly cloudy medium. Nothing terrible, but nothing terrific either. And 2017 was supposed to be terrific. And on June 1st, I looked at my 2017 vision board. I compared how I envisioned this year to how I experienced this year in the six months to date. Some illustrations made me smile, because I'm actually doing what I said I would do. But there were some illustrations that made me purse my lips, because they still have yet to manifest. This post is for the person who has had a not quite terrible yet not quite terrific first six months of the year. You're comparing where you were in January and where you are now, and it doesn't seem like there has been much tangible change. And you had such high hopes for the things you would have, things you would do, and people you would meet by June 1st. And right now, life doesn't look like your vision board. It might not even look like one quadrant. And as you look at the calendar and realize half of the year is gone, you probably feel like you shouldn't expect much from the remainder of it. It's not so special after all; same life, different date. You’re still stressed. Still broke. Still single. Still not at your goal weight. Still unemployed. Still trying to graduate. Still trying to have a baby. Still trying to buy a home. Still trying to start the business, etc. These may not all be a part of your story, but just check whichever applies. And you’re starting to lose hope. Starting to feel stagnant. And starting to believe that it will never be your turn for it to be “your year”. Lies. As I stated at the start of this post, there are one of two ways to look at June one: either six months are gone, or six months are left. It depends on how you look at it, and how you look at it is completely up to you. Right now, you could throw in the towel. You could give up all of your hopes, plans and expectations. You could rescind your prayers or downgrade your requests. Or you could change up the narrative and lie to yourself, claiming that you don’t want what you really want out of fear that you won’t receive it. But I promise you, that’s no way to live. No matter how many months have come and gone this year, do you realize how quickly God can shift your whole life? All it takes is a single moment. Now, just consider how many moments the next six months will be comprised of. Ah, look at that; the possibilities are endless. So get out of your funk, cancel the pity party, and remember that the promises of God are yes and amen. He sets His own schedule and He does it His way, but once God gets ready to move He doesn't drag His feet. As fast as you can snap your fingers, He can bring things into alignment for you. Don't stop believing, don't stop trusting, and don't stop going on. This isn't the hour to lose your fire. Identify what's been working,  open your eyes to what hasn't, and move forward by taking the necessary steps to produce, deliver, and most importantly--remain in the will of God. He always takes care of His part when we take care of ours. And although not everything is in our control, ask yourself if you've been as disciplined and committed to your goals as you could possibly be. Well would you look at that, we can't blame it all on the universe. 

There aren't six months that are gone, there are six months that are left. It's time for you to recharge, regroup, and resume your assignment and execution of your goals. Don't compare the successes of others as a measuring stick to yours. Stay planted, stay yielded, and stay in position. Keep looking for the house, keep applying for jobs, keep going to the gym, keep trying for the baby, keep studying, and keep budgeting. 2017 can still be better than good to you! Make the rest of the year count. 

Look up and,


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