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Are You Truly Faithful? - Part II

The term "faithful" implies long-continued and steadfast fidelity to whatever one is bound to by pledge, duty or obligation.

Being Faithful - In Your Family

If you've ever heard the phrase "blood is thicker than water", you know this statement supports the idea that loyalty to your family is superior to loyalty to anyone else. No matter the situation, circumstance, or external parties attached to such, it's "family over everything" because family always comes first. Consider this idea in relation to the blood of Jesus. If God is our father, and we are God's children, and the bloodshed of Jesus is what gave us life, I'd like to conclude that this relationship is familial.

So now the question is, if blood is thicker than water, and God is our blood; the very being that breathes life into us morning by morning, then this relationship takes precedent to all others, right? And we should be loyal to God first and foremost, right? Of course, that's fam right there.

Ok then, riddle me this: is your loyalty to the things of God stronger than your loyalty to anything else?

"Blood is thicker than..." social media friendships. Yet, we put more effort into how our lives look on Instagram than how our lives look to Christ. We put more faith in the eyes of our followers than we put in the eyes of God. We're more concerned with our perception than our reality. And we're faithful tweeters, faithful snappers, and faithful posters--but not faithful intercessors, faithful tithers, or faithful worshippers. And somehow we still have the audacity to feel like grace is indebted to us. Like God owes us something just because we prayed for it.

Is your loyalty to God stronger than your loyalty to yourself?

Don't answer so quickly; think about that. I'm sure someone reading this automatically thought, "I love God more than anything so of course my loyalty to Him is stronger." I even urge you to think about that. Do you really love God or do you love the idea of God? Love is the foundation of commitment and sacrifice. What are you committing? What are you truly sacrificing? Your commitment is symbolic of your love, and your effort is symbolic of that commitment. What does your level of commitment say about the depth of your love?

Being Faithful - In a Relationship

Faithful... "long-continued and steadfast fidelity." The truth is, a lot of us are in open relationships. We have our occasional Sunday church dates with God but our commitment is divided throughout the rest of the week. On Sunday our eyes are watching God and on Monday our eyes are watching porn. The same lips we use to pray for our friends are the same lips we use to curse our enemies. The same body we give to God is the same body we give to our boo[ty call] (check whichever applies). And we put more money into Happy Hour than we do into offering. And we spend more time reading our timeline than we do reading our bible. Yet we still wonder why, when we need God to jump, He doesn't ask us how high.

We want Him to come through for us because God is fam and He's supposed to look out. But the moment we don't pass the class, or we don't get the job, or we don't get into the organization, or we don't get the promotion, or the relationship doesn't work out, or the income doesn't exceed the bills...all of a sudden we feel like God isn't doing His part, but all along we haven't done ours. And we expect Him to be faithful to us, but we aren't even faithful to Him.We pick God up when it's easy and put Him down when it's hard. We're not in a committed relationship, we're in a convenient relationship.

Commitment requires being faithful to the things and people we love, and love is almost synonymous with sacrifice. And anything we have real faith in is something we should be willing to sacrifice for. God is merciful to all, but He's faithful to those who love Him. He rewards those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). We want all of the rewards, but have we been diligent? Are we truly faithful?

I just have one question: how many cars do we have to wreck before we let Jesus take the wheel? Some of us have been picking and choosing when we let Him into the driver's seat. We'll give Him our health, of course. We want God to come through on that. But we won't give Him our love life. We won't give Him our business plan. And we sure don't give Him our tithes. We want to be in love so badly and we want to be successful so badly that we don't even acknowledge God about the moves we make in those areas. And we wonder why the relationships keep failing. We wonder why we keep getting our heart broken. And we wonder why our money keeps burning. We wonder why the business just won't take off like we want it to. And I know you're thinking, "...but I see so many people who are thriving that aren't model Christians either." And the answer to that is, 1) it's not about them, 2) all that glitters isn't gold. Some people have all of that power and no peace. Is that the kind of trade-off you want to make? And 3) Even at that level there's still potential unfulfilled, and they will never know their greatest self if they don't get to know God.

You can choose Him or you can choose you. But in order to be faithful, you have to be consistent in your commitment and your sacrifice. When we choose our desires over God's desires we symbolically proclaim that we don't believe that God knows best.

It's not an easy walk. In fact it's quite hard. But God doesn't expect us to commit one day and never waver for the rest of our lives. He just wants us to try; genuinely try. Trying is sacrificing. Trying is committing. Trying is exercising self-control. Trying is sincere (don't let your faithfulness have selfish intentions).

By now I'm sure you've answered yourself, and I'll go out on a limb and say that most of you concluded that you haven't been that faithful. So now the question is, are you ready to be?

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