• Gladys Olivia Murray

Make It Stop

Sometimes God calms the storm…

Sometimes He lets the storm rage and calms His child.

Have you ever found yourself in a predicament where so much is going on at one time, that for a moment, life as you know it has paused and time stands still……

I’m not talking about the frenzy associated with typical issues in your life; I’m talking about the unimaginable. When you’re hit with something so crazy that you’ve never fathomed it… And you couldn’t have seen it coming, because no one ever expected it. And in that moment you are so overwhelmed, that the only words you can fix your mouth to say are “Make it stop.”

God, please, make it stop.

In so much shock; in so much disbelief, that you cannot think. You cannot reason. You cannot react. Because before you can do any of that, you need it to stop. You need it to cease. You need it to go away. And you look to the only being that has control over everything in your life; and you beg Him to calm the storm. But He lets it keep raging. And you beg Him to make it stop, but He lets it keep going.

You can’t make it stop, He won’t make it stop. And all you want to do is fade away into the abyss that your fight has fallen into.

But I'm here to let you know that you don’t get to stop.

And In case you think you have that option, I want you to know that I never have—and for that very reason, I won’t let you have it either!

The truth is, we’ve all had a Make It Stop moment. Where we are overwhelmed and overcome; and we believe that the only way we can successfully sail to shore is if the storm will cease.

Sometimes you must surf when you cannot sail; and out of a battered boat, make a body board. God will make a way out of the waves, if you simply do not give up the fight.

I’ve learned that no matter how bad you want it to stop, God is not going to give you the easy way out. He might break the wind for your cousin, and hold the rain for your brother, but right now, He can’t do that with you. If He does, you’ll never receive the lesson you are supposed to learn. You will not become the vessel God needs the world to see, if He makes it stop. You will still be floating; stagnant on that boat somewhere.

Sometimes God allows the storm to rage because He needs your undivided attention. And in that moment where life as you know it has paused, and time has stood still, that’s the only place that He can get it. It’s happening because it has to. And I know you feel like He didn’t listen when you were crying for a way out; and I know you feel like He abandoned you when He didn’t come to your rescue. But Jesus said, “Lo, I am with you always; even until the end of the earth.” And the reason you haven’t hit rock bottom is because He’s holding you up—and the reason you’re not where you started is because He’s been carrying you through.

And you may not understand it right now, next week, or next year.

But even the steps you stumble taking are ordered by the Lord.

You just have to keep stepping, because you don’t get to stop.

YOU, do not get to stop.

You are not the first and surely will not be last to be overwhelmed by a Make It Stop moment; you are not exempt from the trials and tribulations that every predecessor on a pursuit of purpose has had to face. God wouldn’t give you a battle He doesn’t think you can fight. And if He believes in you, how dare you not believe in yourself?

It might not stop. But neither will you. And so long as you keep going, you’ll realize that you never needed it to. And the fact that it didn’t is what’s going to show you how strong you really were all along. God knew what He was doing. As He always does.

Look up and,

- Liv.

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