• Gladys Olivia Murray

Out With The Old, In With The You

With 2014 coming to a close, this is a time of reflection for most of you. Replaying what went right this year, and also what went wrong. And mentally preparing for how you can take what you learned from those experiences to cultivate an increase in peace, prosperity and growth in the New Year.

24 hours shy of 2015, the quote at the top of this post essentially sums up my reflection. New Year’s Eve 2013, I was so anxious and ready to leave the year behind and move onto this one. Because those 365 days contained some of the darkest ones in my life. I was very…. hopeful toward 2014. Even after one of the most trying seasons of my life, I decided to go into the New Year with a positive attitude and I held tightly to my faith in God. Little did I know, the first six months of this year would bring me to a low I had never known before.

I had been strong for so long. And then…..I just got tired. Well, I had been tired—but I reached a new dimension of what it meant not to be physically tired, but emotionally and spiritually exhausted. And one spring day I looked up, I decided I couldn’t keep living my life like that. I couldn’t let that season be the defining moment of my life. I couldn’t let that be how the story ended. Something had to give, and if nobody was going to give it to me, I was going to take it.

From that moment forward, I made a resolution with myself that detailed a conscious effort to GET UP and LIVE each day, in spite of. And my life has been 11 times better ever since.

Of course, every day following that decision hasn’t been perfect, but I’ve learned that the power is in your perspective. J. Cole said a mouthful when he said “There’s no such thing as a life that’s better than yours.” The life that you choose to lead, the life you choose to see, the life that you choose to cultivate, the life that you choose to work for—that’s the life that you will have. And I’m so glad that I took matters into my own hands; because I’ve never been more happy and I’ve never been more free. You can either let your life happen to you, or you can happen to your life.

So let’s say this year wasn’t what you wanted it to be. Let’s say you went through some loss, some heartbreak. Let’s say you had some moments where you thought you weren’t enough…and you found yourself comparing your body, wardrobe, talents, relationship status and overall popular opinion of the people around you, to those same people. Let’s say you felt defeated; let’s say you felt like a failure. Let’s say everything that happened was the exact opposite of what you were praying for.

Let’s say—you aren’t alone. And there’s somebody who got through all of that and then some that’s still here to tell you that you can do the same.

2015 can be your year, but you have to do the work. You won't get yesterday back, but you can work on tomorrow. Your happiness, success, self-love; it doesn’t fall in your lap. YOU must do the work to first attain it, and then cultivate it. Using your circumstances and previous trials and tribulations as a crutch is no longer acceptable. Everybody has a story and everybody has a past. No one is exempt. Shift your focus from what has happened, and channel that energy into building a foundation for what can happen.

If you are looking for the person who will change your life, look in the mirror. I realized that the power was always in my hands, and once I figured that out I decided to do something with it rather than waiting for someone else to.

The question is, for the next 12 months, what are you going to do with your power?

Look up and,

- Liv.

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