• Gladys Olivia Murray

At A Loss For Prayers (Continued)

I never fully understood the weight of a phrase my father tells anyone he ever departs from; whether it be physically or over the phone. Since I was a little girl, his parting words have never changed.

"Keep the faith."

I didn't really know what that meant at 5 years old. Or 11, or 18. But, I now know that what my father was really saying was: no matter what happens when I leave you—no matter what you may encounter in your life after we get off the phone, don't lose your faith. You may lose you peace, and you may lose your fight—but whatever you do, do not lose your faith.

I had lost mine. And I can probably pull out a quote or scripture for any situation—but just because I can say it doesn't mean I always believe it. And I'll even go as far to say that this goes for some of you, too. Life has a way of making everything you thought you believed seem like one big comforting idea. But at the end of the day—just that; an idea.

And I know that I am not alone...because I know that everyone reading this blog post has had the same lingering sentiments that I've expressed at some point in their life. And that's why I'm talking about this; because I need you to know that you, too, are not alone.

My spirit had been bound by my own emotions, but one day I got off the phone with my Dad, and He told me to “keep the faith”. And it was in that moment that I realized how important those few words really were. I found peace in knowing that what is meant for me will never miss me, and what misses me was never meant for me. And it was finding that peace that restored my hope.

We think we have it all mapped out; the who, what, and when of our lives. And the moment something doesn't go the way we wanted and expected; all of a sudden all hope is lost...and life will never be as great as it could've been had our desires come to pass. You can plan down to the most minute of details, but God's will is what will prevail. Don't fight it, because you will lose every time; every single time. We may not always agree with what God allows, but we must remember that His will will never NOT be perfect, and His decisions will never NOT be right; even in the many instances where we don't understand why.

So to bring this thing full circle, STOP saying that you don't want what you really want for fear that you won't receive it. It's okay to pray. It's okay to dream. It's okay to hope. The only fight you lose is the one you let keep you from getting in the ring again. The destiny that God has for you is SO much better than the one you've created for yourself! Don't give up on love just because you've been through a heartbreak. Don't put your dreams on the chopping block on account of a few disappointments. Don't halt your pursuit of success just because you've encountered what appears to be failure. Hope for the best, prepare for the best, and know that God's best won't always align with your best. BUT--when you let God do what He does best (which is be God), even the odds stacked against you are ever in your favor.

Look up and,


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