Hi, My name is Gladys. And Olivia. And Liv. And ‘G’. And Moo-Moo.

I’m sure you can tell which name my family calls me, and I know it’s tempting but--let’s just go with Liv!


I’m a 26-year-old September baby who was empire state born and sunshine state bred. Fall is my favorite season, The Lion King is my favorite movie, rose gold is my favorite color, and LA is my favorite city. I blast broadway musical soundtracks like people blast trap music, and my happiness falls somewhere between the best burrito bowl ever and a binge-worthy Netflix series.

There are approximately 11 things I happen to be very good at, and three in which I’d like to think I’m exceptional; writing is one of them. For years on end, I juggled several ideas of what I wanted to do with my life. When you’re really good at 11 things, picking a career is like picking a nail color--the possibilities are endless. At one point, my list of prospects was full of jobs that had security, high starting salaries, or that simply sounded good. But one day, I made a decision that would change the trajectory of my life as I knew it: I chose my purpose over my plan. In cliché terms, I followed my heart--a concept I wasn’t too familiar with until I spent 3 years of high school in a medical program only to decide to major in journalism. I was a girl who sacrificed two electives to do clinical rotations, but still chose to take AP English because of her love for words. Clearly, I was at a war between two worlds!


8 years and two degrees later, I have no regrets. I haven’t always been certain of my path, but I have always been certain of my passion. 8 years ago, I thought I wanted to be the editor of a magazine, then an entertainment journalist, a news reporter, and a talk show host; all roles within communications. But somewhere along the way, I circled back to my first love: writing. I started a blog and it dug me out of one of the darkest holes I’ve ever been in. At first, it was for me; my electronic diary. Then, it was for you, your literary B12. I needed someone to push like I wanted someone to push me; I needed to root for your happy ending when I didn’t have the faith to root for my own. Before I knew it, we were in this together. Hoping and healing one post at a time, we were getting livted. It was then that I realized writing wasn't just my passion--it was my purpose.

Never underestimate the power of words; they can either change your life or change your perspective. I hope you’ll join me on my journey of self-help, self-love, and spiritual growth. It’s a roller coaster ride, but I'll hold your hand if you'll hold mine.

Ready, set,